Maintaining banking equipment is essential to the everyday operation of a financial institution. We take care of your equipment, so your employees can concentrate on your customers. Consolidate all your maintenance contracts into one annual agreement that offers a central management platform to efficiently manage your banking equipment maintenance. Partner with Equips for bottom-line savings to your operational expenses and improved efficiencies for branch staff, accounting and operations.

The Equips E-LINK Online Portal Provides


The Problem With Maintenance Contracts

  • Multiple Contracts and Expiration Dates
  • Steep Vendor Contract Expenses
  • Employee Time Spent on Equipment Issues
  • Lack of Management and Monitoring Capabilities
  • Inefficient Data on Equipment Service

The Solution Equips Offers

  • Single Agreement
  • First Year Savings Average Between 12-20%
  • Service and Vendor Management On Your Behalf
  • 24/7 Notification and Visibility
  • Service History On All Equipment and Analytical Reporting

Equips invites you to schedule a personal executive briefing on “Optimizing Your Maintenance Budget.” Our executive briefing is based upon a 36-month research study of financial institutions commissioned by Equips. During this 15-minute webinar, we will share industry trends, topics, and best practices found at 2,000 branch locations from across the country.

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