$1.3 Billion Financial Institution with 18 Branch Locations

The Challenge

  • Branch Managers and Department Managers were responsible for purchasing maintenance contracts
  • Without a central location for all maintenance contracts, multiple contracts were purchased on equipment (money equipment was a major issue)
  • CFO was lacking a “window” into all branches or departments to evaluate the true maintenance spend
  • Some equipment items were included in two and three maintenance contracts

The Solution

  • Consolidated multiple contracts into one maintenance agreement with Equips
  • Equips analysis on inventory revealed duplicate coverage on money equipment was a major problem
  • CFO was able to run summary reports:
    • by location
    • by equipment class
  • Equips offers one centralized location for equipment inventory, service, and reporting

The Outcome

  • Reduced duplication coverage costs from 13% to 0%
  • CFO and management had a “window” into aggregate maintenance spend to prevent future duplication
  • Branch Managers and Department Managers had a tracking mechanism allowing for improved budgeting and forecasting
  • Greatly increased control of inventory management and audit
  • E-LINK offers all staff the ability to place a service request that can be tracked


The Foundation

Equips offers equipment maintenance management, a service portal and reporting capabilities. It helps C-Level employees focus on the big-picture while offering front-line staff the ability to handle simple service requests. This leads to higher up-time and more efficient use of staff time.

The E-LINK tool is specifically designed to:

  • Lower equipment maintenance costs
  • Improve related efficiencies
  • Identify and eliminate redundancies
  • Real-time insight into equipment service events
  • Detail historical data for maintenance performed reducing staff time by up to 79%