$747.5 Million Financial Institution with 23 Branch Locations

The Challenge

  • Receiving poor service responsiveness on equipment maintenance
  • Technology of the equipment was more advanced than the capabilities of the service provider
  • Unknown service provider options within the branch footprint


  • With their maintenance contracts (M/C) expiration date nearing, FI was convinced their only option was to renew their M/C for another three years

The Solution

  • Equips made connections with regional service provider to expand their service capabilities into the FI’s territory
  • Service provider assigns lead tech to area to support equipment with advanced functionality
  • Equips encouraged FI to get a three-month extension of their expiring M/C


The Outcome

  • Service provider performed necessary PMs to bring all units up to industry standards
  • Developed strategic software management and system upgrade plan to provide better network security
  • Created a bridge to enable FI’s operational tracking system to integrate directly with E-LINK
  • Improved related efficiencies while FI’s internal operations process remained the same


The Foundation

  • Equips utilized long-standing service provider relationships and industry-wide knowledge to offer creative solutions unique to FI
  • Each FI partnership is focused on understanding and satisfying their unique needs
  • Equips utilizes industry experience aligned with service provider relationships to creatively offer our FI clients:
    • Negotiated pricing discounts
    • Faster response times
    • Higher service levels