$915 Million Financial Institution with 9 Branch Locations

The Challenge


  • Branch Managers were spending an excessive amount of time on maintenance administration
  • Facilities Manager estimated that up to 1/3 of workday was spent on branch communication and vendor service call escalation
  • Monthly goals were not being met due to Branch Manager’s focus on equipment maintenance
  • Branch Managers were not spending the time needed on employee training and coaching

The Solution


  • Equips implemented a web-based central management platform to manage service events
  • E-LINK tracked equipment and service needs
  • Equips worked with Facilities Manager to optimize the performance of equipment
  • FI began using preferred vendors which improved service
  • Each Branch Manager’s focus was on managing their branch and reaching goals
  • Time was allocated to training and coaching which improved the overall morale and performance of the branch

The Outcome

  • Branch culture changed to focus on sales and service
  • The heightened communication in the branch led to a team approach to goals
  •  Staff turnover decreased


The Foundation

Branch Managers have a lot of responsibilities and wear a lot of “hats” throughout the day. Managing equipment maintenance does not need to be one of them. The Equips solution allows branch staff to focus on growing the branch and serving the needs of the customer.

When equipment needs servicing, E-LINK online service portal is a simple solution. Any branch employee can login to place a service request and will receive notifications without actually managing the details.