$1 Billion Financial Institution with 32 Branch Locations

The Challenge

  • The FI did not have a central location for all maintenance contracts or an accurate equipment inventory
  • Questions on maintenance-related issues could not be answered by the branch managers or corporate operations
  • Maintenance costs were included in many budget line items which created an inability to know aggregate maintenance costs
  • Some equipment items were included in two and three maintenance contracts (M/C)


  • Acquisition of eight branches in seven months added new equipment to the equation
  • An additional merger was in the works

The Solution

  • Assessed current service provider’s
    • Technical capabilities
    • Geographical limitations
  • Negotiated hourly labor and parts discounts
  • Wrote two separate agreements for merging parties
  • Once merger was completed
    • Single Equips agreement
    • Equipment was priced on a pro-rated basis

The Outcome

  • Direct and measurable cost savings
    • 20%+ compared to M/C coverage
    • Eliminated $11,000 in redundant service costs
  • Operating costs decreased
  • Equipment inventoried by location
  • Single source service dispatch
    • All equipment
    • All service providers

The Foundation

Equipment inventory management—especially adding and deleting equipment through acquisitions and mergers—is easily accomplished when using a central management platform that manages equipment maintenance. The E-LINK tool, exclusively provided to clients of Equips, is specifically designed to:

  • Lower equipment maintenance costs
  • Improve related efficiencies
  • Identify and eliminate redundancies
  • View real-time insight into equipment service events
  • Detail historical data for maintenance performed