As a financial institution, your main purpose is to service your customers. Maintaining your financial equipment can be costly and an inefficient use of your staff’s time.

On average, your staff spends over an hour on a service call. Your staff will be spending valuable time trying to trouble shoot the problem, placing a service request with the provider (being placed on hold) and dealing with upset customers. This entire process is not a good use of your staff’s time, nor is it generating revenue to your bottom line.

Equips is the solution you have been looking for.  Take all your maintenance contracts, consolidate them, save your financial institution money and free up staff time – it’s a win, win, win.

Before there were individual maintenance contracts. IT and branch managers were fending for themselves when handling claims. Communication would get lost. With Equips centralization, the communication is better and everything is more connected.”

Mark Joseph, President
South Side Bank & Trust