When a piece of covered equipment needs service we offer an easy solution to get the problem fixed. Simply log into E-LINK and select the item which needs service.

Equips has negotiated service arrangements with local, regional and national vendors. Our agreements with service providers ensure you will receive faster response times and a higher level of service. You can choose to work with your current service provider or work with one of our Preferred Service Providers.

“Before working with Equips our service was inconsistent. You never knew when the provider would show up. With Equips, they have Preferred Service Providers and the service is quick and dependable.

You can count on Equips. I know every time I contact them I am going to get great customer service and they will help me with my problem as quickly as they can.”

Mary Noack, Operations Manager
Arbor Credit Union

All Preferred Service Providers are subject to rigorous due diligence before they are approved for the Equips’ Network. Performance of all vendors is tracked and reviewed on a regular basis.

After each service event you will receive a survey to rate the service you received. This is another way that Equips ensures you are receiving the highest level of service.