1. Settings Updates
    1. Notifications Settings 1.0!
      1. Notifications Settings have been updated for everyone! We’re excited to announce that we now officially support notification preferences.
      2. Users can select Categories and Locations they want to be notified about and then there is a new setting to allow CLA/COAs to select locations for which they would like to approve proposed Equipment and Service Requests.
    2. Users Awaiting Approval
      1. Organizations can now opt into a new setting that requires approval for new users being added. This feature would allow organizations to limit and have visibility into the users that are signing up.
    3. White labeling
      1. Customer Organization Admins can now upload their own logo to the Organizations Settings page.
  2. Invoice Page Overhaul
    1. We’ve created a new dashboard!
      1. Saved Views on Service Requests allow a user to set a collection of filter and view options, save them and then apply all of them at once. The system will save columns, filters and sorting so that 1 list can quickly do multiple things.
    2.  New Dashboard Card
      1. We’ve added a card to the Dashboard for COAs that tells them when they have invoices that need to be paid and allows them to upload invoices right from the homepage.
      2. Users can upload invoices directly rather than emailing.
    3. We’ve added our ACH info to OOS to reduce payment friction.
  3. Service Request Updates
    1. Escalate Internally Dispatched Service Requests
      1. Tickets can be escalated internally. This allows teams to prioritize work and respond to critical issues faster.
    2. More location information shown
      1. On the SR modal, the selected location will show information to help prevent users from submitting SRs to the wrong location.
    3. Search Location by Address
      1. When searching locations in the SR submission modal now typing in an Address will filter the list
    4. Search Equipment by Details
      1. Equipment section of the SR submission modal can now search equipment details. This will filter the list just to Equipment with a detail that matches the text.
    5. Dispatch to Provider
      1. We’ve changed the language “Dispatch to Equips” to “Dispatch to Provider to more accurately reflect what happens when an internal ticket gets sent to us.