1. New Dashboard
    1. We’ve given our homepage a makeover, now with even more charts! There are some old friends and new faces here.
      1. Submit Request for Service, Consumables, Preventive Maintenance
      2. Customize your own Module for your organization!
      3. Service Request chart by location
      4. Service Request chart by Equipment Type
      5. Open vs Closed Service Request Chart
      6. Recent Events List
      7.  Chronic Issue counter
      8. Feedback! We want it :)
    2. We hope you’ll try out these different modules and then let us know what you think.
  2. New Navigation Bar
    1. We’ve made a small change to our Navigation bar to make things a little more intuitive. The “Account” menu has been removed and replaced with “Equipment”
    2. As we work on building reports, please let us know how you’d like your data visualized.
  3. Service Providers can now
    1. Create Accounts
    2. Log in
    3. Checkout of Service Events
    4. See assigned Equipment information
    5. See relevant Equipment service history
    6. Leave notes on assigned Service Requests
  4. We fixed so many bugs that it is worth calling out!
    1. Table filtering bugs
    2. Certain Clients not seeing Provider Invoice Tab
    3. Password reset and log in issues
    4. Email validation on internal work order routing has been added
    5. Visual Bug with Escalation reason radio not showing
    6. Date/Time information sometimes different between list and detail pages
    7. Double/Triple Emails being sent sometimes