1. Internal Routing Upgrades
    1. Users now have more options than ever before when it comes to service request routing. Users can have everything dispatched to Equips, everything dispatched internally, or a mix based on Location, Equipment Category or even set unique routing rules on a per equipment basis.
  2. Changes to Invoice Upload UI
    1. It will now be clearer the status of pending invoice upload. A status spinner will show while the upload is ongoing and once completed users will see a Check and be able to add a note or add another invoice
  3. Service Provider Arrival Window
    1. Service Providers responding to calls will now be able to send out Arrival Estimates in just 3 taps! When technicians tap save it will create a new note on the service request, triggering a notification for the contacts – keeping them up to date.
  4. Proposed Equipment Updates
    1. We’ve updated the “Add Equipment” text to now be 2 buttons for clarity that changes from “Add New Equipment” to “Propose New Equipment” if you’re a CE or CLA.
    2. When Proposed Equipment is added COAs will receive an email notifying them that a piece of equipment has been proposed with relevant details.
  5. New SR Modal
    1. All three request types (SR, PM, Consumable), have a new modal that replaces the old form that opened on the homepage.
  6. After Hours Dispatch Live
    1. Organizations can now set their “Off Hours” and have different routing preferences for those. If set, when in off hours, those rules will be followed rather than the “Dispatch Preference.”
  7. COAs can update ticket status when internally dispatched
    1. Previously when customers would try to manage things internally, they wouldn’t be able to close their own tickets without asking a GlobalAdmin for help. We’ve made this improvement so that users can manage their own work and service requests.
  8. Additional PM completed field
    1. We’ve added a field on SRs that allows the Operations team to record if additional PM work was done in the scope of a corrective service request. This can be sorted/filtered on lists and edited on SR detail pages.