1. Profile Pictures
    1. Everyone can now upload a profile picture for their user account from the settings page! Please go do this!
    2. Tech Check in with Picture
      1. When Service Providers check in their profile picture will be attached (if they are logged in and have uploaded a picture) so an institution will be able to quickly verify identity.
  2. Service Request Updates
    1. Users can now attach an image when submitting a service request. This will make a note on the SR with the image attached.
    2. Saved Views on Service Requests allow a user to set a collection of filter and view options, save them and then apply all of them at once. The system will save columns, filters and sorting so that 1 list can quickly do multiple things.
    3. As a new organization setting, COAs can elect that all SRs require admin approval. For organizations that want more control they will be able to make a list of Employees that are able to submit SRs without approval.
  3. Equipment Updates
    1. Users can now request equipment be removed from coverage without deactivating the equipment from their list entirely.
    2. When submitting proposed equipment, the system will now lightly check against Category, Make and Model to see if there are potential duplicates.
    3. We’ve added an optional consumables provider field for equipment. This would allow users to get service on a piece of equipment from one vendor and then order consumables for that same equipment from a different vendor.
  4. New Features
    1. Location Search
      1. We’ve added a search bar to location selectors.
    2. Reorder Column
      1. Users are able to select and unselect all columns as well as reorder the column select sidebar to group and prioritize information.
    3. Closing Notes on Check-out
      1. We’re testing gathering closing notes from Service Technicians and so notes left during the checkout process will show as “Closing Notes.”
    4. Users can now set dates to get an email reminder about a note they create.