1. Notes Updates
    1. @ Mentions in notes!
      1. We’re testing how users could use @ mentions in notes on SRs and Equipment to tag their Account Manager in things or internally we could use mentions to draw attention to specific things in notes.
    2. Multiselect note recipients
      1. We’ve changed the way that who notes are sent to is selected from being a dropdown to a multiselect.
  2. New Equipment Detail Page
    1. New Page Design.
      1.  We’ve moved some things around to try to better sort and utilize the space.
    2. Image Upload
      1. Users can now upload a picture of their equipment.
    3. Benchmark.
      1. Users can see a history of Service Requests for this piece of equipment as a bar chart with an overlaid plot of the average number of SRs for other equipment of the same type in our database.
    4. Propose Equipment to purchase
      1. Users can now submit New Equipment Purchase Requests from the Equipment list. This simple form notifies organization admins of what users might want purchased.
    5. Proposed Equipment Awaiting Approval
      1. Now when COA’s log into the app there will be a small card on the dashboard showing them the number of pieces of proposed equipment that needs to be reviewed.
  3. Service Request Updates
    1. Part Approval
      1. Service Providers and Users can now request parts in service requests. This will create a notification that will be sent to Organization Admins as well as Equips.
    2. TID shows and can be searched when submitting an SR
      1. For customers with ATMs, the TID is extremely important and now when submitting SRs, the TID of an ATM will show on the equipment tile as well as can be used to search ATMs to find the right one!
    3. Provider Experience
      1. At long last there is a provider experience in the app for us to start experimenting with. They will be able to see SRs and Equipment to which they are assigned.
  4. Tooltips!
    1. Throughout the app there have been popovers added to highlight new features.
  5. COAs and above can delete users.
    1. When a user is deactivated, they can then also be deleted.
  6. Bugs worth calling out
    1. Equipment saved views should work now. Before they wouldn’t save. Whoops.
    2. The occasions when notes wouldn’t send to providers should be fixed.
    3. We fixed a few more of the preset Lists not filtering properly.
    4. Created by in the SR table should no longer show the Main Contact.
    5. Selecting additional contacts from the list should now work properly.