1. Data Importer
    1. You can find this feature from the Admin Tab.
    2. We’ve added the ability to bulk at Locations, Equipment or Users to the software using a CSV.
    3. This will allow quicker set up of a new account and remove some of the monotony of the individual add process.
  2. Service Request Updates
    1. New SR view
      1. We added a visual status tracker of where a service request is in the lifecycle.
      2. The sidebar is updated and organized so that like fields are grouped and separated.
    2. Updated Add Equipment Modal
      1. The Equipment Add modal has been slightly reordered and some new fields have been added including Equipment Name, Purchase Date, Notes.
    3.  COA/CLA can now select from the list of possible providers for their equipment.
      1. We’re moving towards a fully autonomous state where users can set up and select different service providers to switch and “shop” different service providers for their equipment.
    4. Added Invoice Number to the Invoice Upload Flow for reference.
  3. New Categories
    1. To support new industries and expanded use cases we’ve added a variety of categories.
    2. Saved Views added to Locations, Contracts and Organizations
  4. Dash Approval
    1. We’ve removed some things from the dashboard and created a new module that will track what is pending approval for managers.
    2.  This will give a snapshot to Admins of what is waiting on them so they can act without having to be told.
  5. Provider Updates
    1. Providers can Update SR status to completed.
    2. Providers can upload invoices.
      1. Instead of emailing them, service providers could now upload invoices to Equips in bulk.
    3. Crowdsourcing ratings on provider service events
      1. After completed service events, users will be invited to rate recent service providers. They can give a star rating
  6. Internal Updates
    1. Change Provider on Open SR
      1. Now open SRs can be dispatched again to a different provider which will cancel the original request with the previous provider and send out a request to the new one.