Equips wins the BizTimes Future 50 Award for the third time. This award program recognizes privately-owned companies in the seven county region around Milwaukee. The qualifications for winners are at least three years of significant revenue and employment growth.

Exclusive Interview with Future50 Award Winner

We had the chance to sit down with President and Co-Creator of Equips, Adam York. See below for the short interview about his reaction towards the award and article that BizTimes wrote about the Future 50 Award.

How do you feel about being awarded the Master Mettle Award?

“It’s satisfying to step back and look at what our team has done to get here. Equips is about freedom to do your best work. As our team unleashed their talent, growth just came along. Our clients are the focus. As we reached to meet their highest standards, it lifted us… and it’s only the beginning!”

How has business changed/improved since the first time you won the Future 50 award to the third time?

“We first won the award in 2015.  Our business has changed dramatically since then.  We have new employees, many more clients, and we are in a new industry – healthcare.  We have also expanded our capabilities.  For example, we build software in-house now and we have started a marketing department.  Over the last few years we have finished the “start-up” phase of Equips and we are heading into the “launch” phase.  We are positioned for healthy growth.”

Read the article below that BizTimes Milwaukee Business News published about Equips, the 3-time award winner which was presented with the Master Mettle Award.

Equips provides equipment repair, preventative maintenance and service call management. Clients are able to have one location for requesting service and managing all of their equipment maintenance.

According to Adam York, president of Equips, the company measures growth “by the number of people (it) serve(s).” Because of its recent growth, Equips added 100 new financial institutions to its client list primarily through an acquisition that he said fit very well with its current services.

“In the future, Equips plans to add new hires in four different departments, apply new technology and offer new services such as ATM managed services,” York said.

Because Equips is the sole company in its marketplace, it needs to educate potential clients that its services exist before it can start to build partnerships.

Best Advice Received as a Small Business Owner:

The book Traction by Gino Wickman advocates hiring, training, terminating, and promoting on our core values. We strive for that – and it has made a major difference for our culture.        – Adam York, President of Equips

About Equips

Equips is revolutionizing how Banks and Credit Unions manage, maintain, and protect critical branch equipment. Leveraging a network of 500+ vendors, experts at Equips help Financial Institutions respond to equipment problems quickly in one place: Equips. Active management allows Financial Institutions of all sizes to improve operational efficiency, cut costs, and streamline equipment inventory and vendor management. Our groundbreaking solution provides clients across 45 states with better insight and transparency into their critical equipment and enables employees to do their best work. To learn more visit equips.com.