1. Service Request Updates
    1. Recurring PM schedule
      1. When scheduling PMs, users can now set a cadence for the maintenance. The current options are every 3,6 or 12 months. How this fits in to that, is when the original ticket is completed, the system will create a new one for X months after the close date
    2. Pinned Notes
      1. We’ve added a new feature called a “pinned note” that allows a piece of equipment to have additional information added that will show during a service request.
    3. Assign SRs Internally
      1. We’ve added another button! Now when something is dispatched internally – the SR can be assigned to a specific member of the team. the lists can be filtered by assignation, so it can be used not just set! By creating a saved view, this could quickly be a feature that allows someone to have a list of tasks to crank out, all documented in Equips.
    4. Group by Location View
      1. When active it will group the table by locations.
        We plan to bring grouping to other columns so users have less and less reasons to export lists and have powerful tools right in their browser. We’re excited to see how this is used and to gather feedback on how this could be improved.
  2. Internal Updates
    1. At of the profile menu, you can see a new button to copy session URL. This will allow the tech team to diagnose your issue faster when submitting bugs.