Learn the top reasons to have an ATM software agreement and ways to improve your ATM fleet.

Improved PCI-DSS Practices

ATMs transmit card data, making them a payment application. A key requirement of PCI-DSS standards is that the software may not store sensitive data. Having a software agreement ensures access to Microsoft security patches to keep your ATM fleet in compliance and reduces your risk of fraud.

Reduced Ownership Costs

A software contract gives you access to free point releases and product improvements from the manufacturer, allowing you to establish a budget for future upgrades.

Increased ATM Uptime

Improves your ATM uptime with access to minor functionality enhancements and new patch releases that address on-going performance issues affecting your uptime.

Tighter Security

Secure your ATM fleet against malware and fraud with access to the latest security alerts and bulletins as they become available.

Improved Customer Interface

Delivering an amazing customer experience is key in today’s technology-driven world. With access to new software features, your customers will experience cutting-edge technology that simplifies and improves their interactions with your ATM fleet.