1. Smart Dispatch: Chronic Warnings
    1. The app will now recognize if an piece of equipment has had an abnormal amount of SRs in a given time period and will warn our team that the equipment potentially has a chronic issue. Our operations team investigates each potentially chronic issues and is taking steps behind the scenes!
  2. Multiple Routing Options
    1. Under organization settings, users can set up more complex routing for service requests handled internally. Different emails can be set as contacts depending on equipment categories. This means that organizations can have ATM Service Requests sent to one email, and Drive Up Service Requests sent to another.
    2. Note: Service Requests can be handled in 2 ways: 1) they can be sent to Equips to be dispatched out to a providers or 2) they can be handled by your internal teams.  So with this new feature – Jack gets all SRs at the organization except for the requests related to water storage, those get automatically sent to Jill instead.
    3. To use this feature go to app.equips.com/settings/organizations
  3. Uploaded Invoices Tab
    1. You will now be able to see the invoices you have uploaded on a new tab on the Invoices page so you can know that your upload was successful.
  4. Change to the Add Equipment modal
    1. The Add Equipment modal used to have a “Show More” button that hid most of the meat and potatoes. We’ve removed that button and defaulted to showing all the buttons to reduce the number of clicks in the add equipment process and to make sure that key information isn’t left out.