1. Preventive Maintenance Scheduling.
    1. Under the Homepage Submit Service Request button is a new option to Schedule Preventive Maintenance. This button will allow users to self-schedule Preventive Maintenance for any of their equipment. The flow is similar to the Service Request submission but allows for far future dates for Service Provider Dispatch.
  2. Service Request by location bar chart on homepage
    1. The homepage will now default to showing a chart of the number of Service Requests created by the 5 locations with the most submitted in the past 7 days.
  3. Recent Events on Homepage updated
    1. The Recent Events list on the homepage has been updated to accurately track the most recent service events.
  4. Prevent Duplicates
    1. Now, when submitting a Service Request, the system will now check to make sure that no service requests have recently been made for that same piece of equipment. If there have been recent SRs submitted, users will have the option of adding an additional note or escalating that service request rather than creating a duplicate and causing a headache!