1. Uploading Files on Service Requests and Equipment!
    1. Now users can upload their documentation, reports, or pictures to SRs and Equipment. We currently accept .pdf, .png, .jpg, as well as .csv. Upload the manufacturer warranty documentation, an image of the piece of equipment, a CSV of data related to the equipment’s service history, or a picture of a particularly bad malfunction!
  2. Equipment Note Notifications
    1. Leaving a note on a piece of Equipment will not send a message to our team.
  3. Chronic After Hours Follow Up
    1. Currently when the system detects that something might have a chronic issue, it is prevented from auto-dispatching so that the operations team can look into it and take any necessary action. This is a very fast process during the work day. After hours, when a service request is created for a piece of equipment that has a potentially chronic issue it will be auto-dispatched but our team will get a report to follow up on the next morning.
  4. Created By and Modified By Filters
    1. We’ve now separated the By and At fields so information about the creation or modification of a record can be seen by User or by Time. This means you could see all SRs modified by a User or all pieces of Equipment created in the last 30 days.
  5. Dashboard chart now can look at multiple date ranges
    1. This chart on the homepage should now look better when there are fewer service requests created in a selected time frame, but more importantly users can now select from a dropdown of times to be able to see a different metric or compare trends.
  6. Preview “Uploaded Invoice”
    1. Users can now view the invoices they’ve uploaded so that they don’t lose track of what has been submitted. This way if they have multiple to upload there isn’t confusion or duplication.