Equips is focused on bringing solutions to our clients that provide real value. To enhance our powerful equipment management program, we’re proud to announce our partnership with the leading provider of video banking solutions in the market. Created by financials, for financials, this video banking platform gives banks and credit unions a real competitive edge in the age of digital banking.

Consumer expectations and delivery models are changing, but it’s no secret that when customers need assistance, there is nothing like a personal, human connection. Video banking allows you to deliver this connection, anywhere, any time. While ITM/virtual teller products are great for simple teller transactions, video banking expands this capability to all other types of business – even complex transactions – at a fraction of the price of ITM technology. Here’s what video banking is bringing to the market: 

  • 2 minute average wait time
  • 3:1 desk to employee capacity
  • 20% increase in cross sales
  • 96.8% positive customer experience rating
  • 4.82 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating

Video provides an efficient, cost-effective way for your staff to work with members/customers when they are not physically able to meet in a branch. If your FI is embracing, or evaluating, digital banking paths such as online, mobile and chat, video needs to be on your radar. And, since this technology can be easily funded with the savings that Equips’ management program delivers, it’s a business model easy to incorporate into your technology roadmap.

Equips will be hosting a webinar early 2020 to introduce our partnership and provide more details on how Video Banking solutions, combined with Equips management program, can set you apart from the competition.

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“For financial institutions that already offer video banking services, there are a number of benefits. For one, It’s obviously more cost effective to have consumers access centralized expertise rather than placing multiple experts at every branch location. It’s also technologically innovative; financial institutions definitely believe that video banking helps position them as leading-edge.” – The Financial Brand

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