Equips is based on a simple idea: doing great work enhances your whole life.

Achieving great work doesn’t just happen.

It takes dedication, focus, and operating in your strength zone.

How we work

How we work

Equips believes that every person should have the opportunity to pursue work that brings them joy and inspiration. Too often, broken or damaged equipment gets in the way of these pursuits. We are on a mission to revolutionize how businesses manage, maintain, and protect their important equipment.

Centralizing all operations and communications to one place, Equips helps businesses respond to equipment problems efficiently. Through technology, businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries can improve operational efficiency, cut costs, and consolidate communication. Join the Equips revolution today!

Quality Service

We are able to provide the highest quality services because we truly love our work.

We align our team members around their strengths, so everyone can do their best work. That makes for an incredible team and solid results for our clients.

Innovative Technology

Technology has always been a critical part of the success of Equips.

From the development of our web app for managing all aspects of equipment and facilities, the remote-presence robots in our office, to facilitating remote hires – we believe that technology should be used to elevate human work.

Company Culture

We hire, manage, and promote according to Competency and Equips Values.

Our Core Values are: Do the Right Thing, Drive to Excellence, Impact Player, and Positive Beat. These values drive everything we do and our customers always know what to expect from us.

When we started Equips, the tradition of building services around the needs of our clients and the ideas of our team; helped us realize – that work is its own reward. Our clients stay with us year after year, with an average retention rate of 95%.

Equips Management Software

Do Your Best Work.

We are proud to be the company you rely on to keep your team productive when there are building or equipment issues for many years to come.

Contact us to learn just how easy it is for us to become part of your story too!