ATM Remote Monitoring

Take the stress out of managing your ATM fleet with EquipsConnect, the all-in-one ATM remote monitoring software designed to make your life easier.

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What is ATM Remote Monitoring?

ATM Remote Monitoring, or ATM Remote Management, is the process of monitoring the state-of-health and functionality of your ATM network. Remote monitoring gives you the tools needed to keep eyes on your fleet, even when you are not present. By better understanding how your ATMs are operating, you can decrease unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

Remote Incident Management

Reduce ATM downtime by troubleshooting faults remotely. With EquipsConnect, you can resolve minor technical issues without having to call in your technician. Save money on maintenance and make more money with less downtime. It is that simple.

Find issues before they’re reported by a customer. EquipsConnect can find an issue and automatically reboot the module or reboot the machine. If the problem still isn’t solved, fault information can be automatically sent to your preferred provider.

Remote Windows Patching

Nobody likes waiting for software updates, especially not your customers. Install software updates remotely and during times when customers are least likely to use your ATMs. Minimize the effects of your ATM’s downtime while also getting the latest updates to your operating system with EquipsConnect.

Marketing Screens

Use all of your assets for quarterly and annual marketing campaigns. Update the marketing screens on your ATMs or ITMs to reinforce your brand and welcome customers.

Security and Antivirus

Stop worrying about whether or not your ATMs are safe from cyberattacks. Protect your ATMs with an anti-virus application for PCI-DSS compliance. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of security.

Management & Vendor Support

Our team is your team. Get live support for issue escalation or vendor issues and use our collective to access comparative cost analysis and industry benchmarking data.

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