Equips Award Program

Equips seeks to celebrate and inspire everyone to do your best work.

Core value nominations help shine a light on all the little things it takes to make your company grow.

Is your company or your staff doing great work and deserve to be recognized? The Equips Core Value Award Program is now accepting nominations for financial institutions to acknowledge your team for their great work. Nominate your company by answering a few simple questions!




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Nominations and applications for the Equips Core Values Award are being accepted now!  Click below to complete the form.

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Equips’ Core Values

Our Core Values set clear expectations, and give people the freedom to do their best work.

1. Impact Player

Doing only what is assigned to you and no more is the minimum. Impact players add value. They occupy their space with so much energy and skill, it often spills over to others. Look at self-improvement as a way to serve others.


2. Drive to Excellence

Excellence is not static; the bar is always moving. What was excellent yesterday, may not be considered excellent tomorrow. That’s why we say “Drive to Excellence”. We do not let off the gas pedal.


3. Do the Right Thing

The word “Do” speaks to activity. Be actively doing the next right thing.


4. Positive Beat

It’s not about being fake and pretending that life is always good or that things are always happy. It’s about your real choice on how you react to the bad stuff… and the good stuff.