Bank Equipment – A holistic view on equipment purchasing and maintenance

Bank equipment is an expensive investment for most financial institutions. Additionally, when equipment goes down, you start providing a poorer experience for all of your customers. Thus, it’s very important to keep all of your equipment with a high degree of uptime.

At Equips, we manage equipment for all types of financial and healthcare providers. This puts us the unique position of having seen nearly everything that could go wrong when it comes to equipment maintenance and purchasing. We have seen institutions  keep old equipment around too long (and other banks replace equipment too soon).

To help the institutions we work with out, we typically have our internal team (with over 100 years of equipment management experience) examine your entire fleet of equipment to give you a holistic view of where you stand.

If you are interested in working with Equips to come up with a more efficient bank equipment management solution, get your free quote today!