Facilities management can be overwhelming

What issues should be reported? Who should be reporting them? How can a company track its issues? How can a company manage all the vendors who are servicing the issues? At Equips, we’ve seen businesses struggle with every aspect of facilities management. Some try to track their issues through phone calls. Others use e-mails, and some even use sticky notes. This can create confusion—not only for staff members when they need to solve a facilities issue, but ultimately for the person who is responsible for managing the entirety of the facilities.

A proactive approach creates success

Effective facilities management isn’t just about tracking vendors, it’s an essential aspect of effective business operation. The challenges are clear: complexity and efficiency.

In its review of Habits of Successful Facilities Mangers, real estate giant Cushman & Wakefield lists structure, automation and preventative maintenance as being key to overcoming these challenges. Facility managers who help resolve issues quickly (or even before they happen) save time and money for their companies.

Coordination is a challenge in facilities management

Like other coordinating roles, facility managers may struggle to find and establish good relationships with a wide variety of vendors. Even when vendors are found, they need to be reviewed and vetted to ensure the quality of their work and fairness of their rates.

Depending on the facility, a manager might need to do this for vendors dealing with plumbing, electrical, grounds, HVAC, custodial, structural services and any equipment servicing.

In fact, many managers find it necessary to use multiple vendors for each of these areas, depending on the type of repair, vendor availability, or the location of the facility. This is where having a facilities management resource can be a huge benefit to an organization. For instance, Equips has established relationships with more than 500 vendor and service partners.

Making the best and effective use of staff time

Earlier this year, real estate advisory firm Newmark Group looked at the impact of facilities management on a business. In its review, Newmark suggests that outsourced management has become a powerful tool for businesses.

Why, you ask? Newmark argues that facility management should be thought of as a drain on efficiency. In fact, the less time spent on dealing with facilities, the smoother normal operations can run. The real question a business needs to ask is: “Why should staff spend time dealing with problems when they could be doing work that creates value for the business?”

Benefits of enhancing facilities with expert support

Not surprising, being able to consolidate and reduce the number of facilities tasks is a powerful way to eliminate complexity and make your workplace more efficient. At Equips, we’ve found the best way to do this is to use a management system integrated with professional servicing. When you combine a tool like an enhanced internal ticketing system with a provider who can efficiently source vendors, you create a single, effective resource for all levels of management of facilities problems.

Equips can help support facilities management by utilizing our online platform to track and manage all facilities related requests. You can review and monitor the requests to know what is going on at your locations. This helps you better manage and analyze your vendor servicing using data and reporting. Book a demo today!

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