It’s hard to believe that internet-equipped devices barely existed two decades ago. Today, every new device, appliance, and vehicle seems to be built with connectivity. In fact, it’s actually a little odd when a new product doesn’t have an option for online or remote access. The world of financial equipment is no different. Over the past 20 years, banks and credit unions have seen the benefits of digital remote access added to their most critical pieces of equipment. Unfortunately, many aren’t taking full advantage of equipment maintenance software.

Equipment Maintenance Software is simple, but powerful

Equipment maintenance software is a pretty basic concept. It’s a simple computer program that is added to devices (ATMs, ITMs, etc.) that allow banks/credit unions or their vendors to remotely reset portions (or all) of an equipment’s system. Typically these remote fixes can be done much faster and cheaper than calling out a technician to do the servicing.

This may seem like a relatively small change, but the implications can be huge. For instance, an internal report of equipment running Equips software found that we were able to resolve 55% of issues remotely, potentially eliminating more than half of an institutions service calls.

Remote technology has already become essential to many businesses and will become increasingly important to banks and credit unions that are seeing more use of their ATMs and ITMs. (Our partners report their customers/members are now preferring ATMs/ITMs over traditional teller transactions.) By incorporating maintenance monitoring software into an automated equipment strategy, it will save branches both time and money and improve uptime of these critical machines.


Benefits of Equips servicing

Equips can currently provide our Equips\ software on common equipment brands, like NCR and Hyosung (contact us to learn about compatible devices).

Here’s an example of how the remote maintenance process work at Equips:

  1. An error occurs at a terminal, then Equips software reports the issue via outbound communication to our expert team.

  2. The Equips Ops Team reviews the notification, and attempts to reset the module(s) (or reboot the terminal if needed).

  3. Either the issue is resolved by the reset or Equips determines if a technician needs to be dispatched.

  4. If a technician is required on site, a Service Request is created via Equips and all information as to the troubleshooting performed is sent to the technician.


Additional monitoring maintenance software

It’s important to recognize that equipment maintenance software helps with more than just repairs. Equipment software can also give an institution access to operational data on a machine. This allows staff to remotely check things like cash totals or device status with just a few clicks. This helps businesses discover issues and monitor problematic devices.


Unlocking benefits with Equips

Here at Equips, our goal is to enable everyone at your financial institution to do their best work. Our maintenance software can help fix equipment issues quickly and efficiently. This allows you to focus on what’s most important to growing your business. Book a demo below to find out more about Equips or any of the other ways we help banks and credit unions do their best work.

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