Back On-Site or Working Remotely?

A recent survey found only 42.7% of financial institutions had all departments returning to the office full-time, and nearly a fifth (17.5%) still had all staff working remotely. This adjustment to the new normal can be a challenge for management, particularly in identifying areas with operational inefficiencies; and it can change the way they do business both now, and in the future. Many of our clients are relying on Equips to take on the management of their vendors, in regards to branch equipment, to help alleviate the time pressure placed on staff.

Many institutions we talk to don’t realize they have fallen into the ‘status-quo’ in the way they interact with their vendors, and they’re often unaware of cumbersome inefficiencies in their processes today. Too often, we see branch equipment managed by multiple departments, with each department having many classes of equipment, vendors–costs, and inefficiencies add up fast! By providing employees with a streamlined system to manage equipment, we can save them time so they can focus on the more important aspects of their jobs.

If you’re interested in learning how to manage your equipment in an easier, more efficient way Contact Us and we’ll connect you with our financial experts.

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