Find Ways to Work From Home

Equips will remain OPEN through the Coronavirus’ State of Emergency. How is this possible? Simple. In 2019, Equips successfully implemented working remotely. Learn how Adam York, President/CEO, has ensured quality production and increased teamwork.

Equips piloted a work from home program that has succeeded beyond the hopes of the leadership team. During the pilot, York trusted his employees to work from outside the office and the team hasn’t missed a beat. “Equips employees work harder, accomplish more, and practice expanded communication skills,” said York. As a result of the success of the pilot, Equips has increased the the weekly allowance to up to 4 days a week and hired full time remote employees from across the country.

“Our employees are given the tools and freedom to do their best work and it has been contributing to the company’s increased success.” – Adam York, President/CEO

Download the Equips Work From Home Policy to see how it can fit for your company. Working for a company that is flexible, understanding, and safe through these difficult times really shows employees how much they are valued.

Equips is here to help YOU “Do Your Best Work.” Remind your staff that we are available to handle equipment issues as they may be dealing with physical staffing attendance. Clients have been using E-LINK for 11+ years to speed up broken equipment processes. If you haven’t been maximizing this feature, now would be a good time to start!

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If you would like to learn more about how other banks have used a Work From Home program, click here to read The Future Of Work: 4 Critical Factors For Managing Remote Workers by First Midwest Banks.

“Remote workers are here to stay. Tap into greater trust, leverage literacy and create an on-boarding process that trains for success. That’s how to lead a remote workforce with clarity, purpose and connection.”