How to Maintain Support Services with Third-Party Partners

It’s possible that during this pandemic, you are experiencing obstacles receiving support and services through your third party partners. However, Equips’ partners have proven to be helpful and reliable as they continue to offer the highest customer service. Learn how service providers are able to support the financial institution remotely, online, and innovative methods.

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Ongoing Servicing

We’re taking proactive measures to help protect our engineers, like having them work in rotation or shifts, keeping spare parts and tools in alternate locations in case of lockdown, using remote access tools when possible and providing necessary supplies for engineers that need to go in the field.

Regular Communication

These partners may be working from home, but still have plans in place to provide continuous service.

Providing Additional Service Options Through Innovation

Some forward-thinking partners are offering early installs/upgrades for branches that are currently closed due to the coronavirus.

– Original article from NCR Global