Refine Your Meetings | Back to the Basics

We’ve all gone to a meeting that seems like a waste of time. Can we agree to never go to a meeting like that again? Sometimes, we find ourselves calling a meeting when it can be done over an email. Equips President, Adam York, has researched and created a template to be sure that all meetings are set up for success.

Use the explanation below and share it with your staff. This easy-to-follow structure will allow for anyone going to the meeting to know what to expect before and after the meeting. Share this with your staff and have everyone on their “A-Game” without wasting time.

  1. Purpose Statement: “This meeting will be successful if…”
  2. Type of Meeting: Brainstorm; Decision-Making; Planning; Problem Solving; Updates/Info Sharing
  3. Facilitator/Roles: Leader, timekeeper, subject-matter expert.
  4. Agenda: List of major points, in order.
  5. Materials: Digital or physical, make sure that participants have access to applicable documents.
  6. Time Frame: Only schedule as much time as is necessary. Ask yourself, “Could this meeting be an email to save time?” Time is money, so don’t waste it!

Use the template below to copy/paste into your next meeting invite.

  • Purpose for meeting –
  • Type of meeting –
  • Roles –
  • Agenda –