Resources for Fully Operating with COVID-19 Standards

Equips is excited to announce that our vendor partner, Tidel is offering the IES 50, an all-in-one facial recognition, temperature identification, and workforce management terminal.  Powered by a high-performance Artificial Intelligence processor, the IES 50 can quickly process facial recognition and approximate the surface temperatures of objects and personnel.  The IES 50 can also rapidly detect a facial profile, even when that person is wearing a mask.

In addition to quickly identifying the facial profile and surface temperature of a person walking up to it, the IES 50 can also serve as a convenient tool to log attendance and facilitate access control to a building or other restricted area.

If interested, we can put you in touch with the team to schedule a demonstration of the IES 50 at a time convenient for you. 

Learn more about Intelligent Entry Scanners and how they can keep your branches safe.