Technology Can Keep Your Staff Safe and Healthy

Intelligent Entry Scanners can help you operate safely. 

Equips partners with companies that are committed to providing customers with the latest technologies and innovations that help them streamline, protect, and automate their environment. This easy to use software is cutting edge and streamlines safety and health in the workspace.

The Intelligent Entry Scanner (IES 50) is a rapid recognition device that scans facial profiles to assist in building entry control. Some of the functions include:

  • Can identify temperatures within or outside of a specified range

  • Programmable audible alarm

  • Wireless connection

  • Mask Detection

  • 1:1 or 1:N face recognition

  • Industry-leading algorithm

  • 300ms facial matching with up to 100,000 records per device

The most common ways financial institutions are using the IES 50:

  1. Temperature Identification

    • Within or outside a specified range

  2. Workforce Management

    • Time management systems

  3. Employee and Visitor Access

  4. Physical Security

    • Turnstiles, door access