8 Lessons on Building a Company People Enjoy Working For!

Chief Offices, Executives, Directors, Managers, and other leadership need to know this… Your company can be successful by creating a work environment that people enjoy working for. But what can YOU do different that hasn’t been done before?

“The Way We Work” by Patty McCord explains 8 lessons on building a company people enjoy working for. This popular video is only 5 minutes long, but 100% worth watching for all leadership positions!

Patty McCord is the speaker in this TED video. “She served as Chief Talent Officer of Netflix for 14 years… and the video has been viewed more than 15 million times.” She shares key insights into successfully leading your employees where they are respected, appreciated and want to work harder. How do you know what’s the best practice? Does it mean copying what everyone else does? Patty McCord outlines these 8 lessons below:

  1. Your employees are adults
  2. The job of management isn’t to control people, it’s to build great teams
  3. People want to do work that means something. After they do it, they should be free to move on
  4. Everyone in your company should understand the business
  5. Everyone in your company should be able to handle the truth
  6. Your company needs to live out its values
  7. All start-up ideas are stupid
  8. Every company needs to be excited for change

What is your favorite lesson from the video? They are simple lessons, but they can change the way you and your staff work on a daily basis. We challenge you to try implementing some of these lessons into your goals for the upcoming quarter. Equips introduced these lessons at our recent annual planning meeting and have seen positive changes individually AND as a company.