Business Travel Tips During the Holidays

Equips shares tips from their most experienced and frequent travelers on how to make business travel easy and seamless.

  1. Avoid delays and the busy times at the airport.

    To avoid delays, don’t book your flight between 8am and 6pm. The best days to travel are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the best price and smallest crowds.

  2. Apply for TSA Pre to avoid security lines.

    Keep moving through the security check without having to remove your shoes, laptops, liquids, belts and jackets. TSA Pre saves you time and stress.

  3. Be ready for delays at the airport.

    Bring chargers for electronics, download travel apps, pack healthy snacks, carry prescriptions in their original bottles, set reminders, and pack wisely.

  4. Don’t wrap your gifts ahead of time.

    TSA has the right to unwrap and inspect all packages. Your best option may be to ship the presents.

  5. Enroll in the company’s Loyalty Program.

    Regardless of how often you rent a car, you will be able to use a dedicated line for members which typically cuts your wait time significantly.

  6. Weather can always be a wild-card in holiday travel.

    Even if you are not departing or arriving in a cold climate, your plane could be. Monitor your inbound aircraft either through your airline’s app or FlightAware.

  7. Buy travel insurance.

    It covers expenses incurred from unexpected travel-related incidents and emergency medical care. Travel benefits typically include baggage loss and delays, trip interruption, and trip cancellation.

  8. Travel during the off-peak days and times.

    It’s always cheaper and less crowded. While you can’t always control the travel date, avoiding the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after can save you tremendously.

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