Our team of Account Managers is always finding new ways to help our clients. Consider our Equips representative as another member of your team.

Finding Solutions for Our Clients

Recently, an Equips Account Manager came up with a brilliant solution to help our client extend the life of their branch capture equipment. Rather than increasing preventative maintenance visits (and their costs), our Account Manager recommended exchanging the branch capture with one from another branch that was used less. This solution saved our client a lot of time and money!

Case Studies

If you are interested in reading some of our case studies that explain how we have helped our clients.

About Equips

Equips is revolutionizing how Banks and Credit Unions manage, maintain, and protect critical branch equipment. Leveraging a network of 500+ vendors, experts at Equips help Financial Institutions respond to equipment problems quickly in one place: Equips. Active management allows Financial Institutions of all sizes to improve operational efficiency, cut costs, and streamline equipment inventory and vendor management. Our groundbreaking solution provides clients across 45 states with better insight and transparency into their critical equipment and enables employees to do their best work. To learn more visit equips.com.