Hear it for yourself

Our customers can say it better than we ever could.

Great Service

The Equips team is very receptive. Since we have many locations and users, this software is remarkably simple to use.


Very Loyal

Equips is very responsive. They follow through, are very loyal, and are very connected with their customers. Kohler Credit Union has a great relationship with Equips.


Easy to Set-Up

We are pleased to have one place to go for all our service and consumables needs. We love the self-service aspect. The Equips web app is quite easy to set up, add/delete equipment, train users, and place service calls. We love Equips!

Extremely Useful

Using the Equips web app to manage all our ATM/ITMs and cash-related equipment in one place is extremely efficient. It is extremely useful when you have one person overseeing 250+ pieces of equipment daily. 

Time Management Software

Easy to use. The web application helps track the maintenance history of the equipment better than any spreadsheet or ticketing system we have used.

Easy to Do Business

The simplicity of their system creates a tremendous number of efficiencies and allows our staff to confidently focus on other areas within our company. Equips makes it easy to do business with them and responds quickly to our needs. We are grateful for our partnership with them.

Why Use a Maintenance Management Software?

Businesses need a simpler way to keep track of their equipment; especially when that equipment is scattered throughout different locations. Too often, people resort to storing this information in unsecured locations like spreadsheets. When you use Equips, you secure your important data and leverage automation to work smarter.

More Testimonials

Credit unions just can’t stop raving about our great product and service. See how Equips has helped make their equipment management a breeze.