ATM downtime is a frustration for not only financial institutions, but also the customers and members they serve. Banks and credit unions incur direct costs in the form of billable technician hours and lost ATM surcharge fees, but they also suffer indirectly in the form of damaging customer and member relationships. These days, your ATMs and drive-thrus are likely taking more of a beating than they have in the past. With less staff onsite to troubleshoot and increased wait times for technician visits, ATM downtime may be creeping up. Implementing a managed services program can help. With remote monitoring capabilities, you can decrease ATM downtime and save money over the long-term with fewer tech visits.

5 ways managed services can help you decrease ATM downtime & get more out of your equipment

1. Decrease ATM downtime with remote monitoring & incident management.

With a managed services program, you can remotely monitor the state-of-health of all ATMs and ITMs across branches and have a trained, third-party provider troubleshoot from a distance. Once a fault is detected, your partner can diagnose and remotely reset devices as required. If a repair requires on-site maintenance, your Service Provider can be dispatched with the fault information provided by the machine, better preparing them for the incident.

2. Save money on technician visits and reduce service calls.

Most ATM/ITMs failures are currently managed by calling a technician and rolling a truck, which quickly gets expensive. With a managed services program, financial institutions can decrease the number of on-site maintenance requests, saving both money and time in the process. Over the long-term, most ATM managed services programs are less expensive than frequent technician visits.

3. Schedule quarterly Updates & Security Patches during non-peak hours.

Financial institutions must comply with the mandated timely installation of Windows updates and security patches on ATMs. With a managed services program, these updates can be done remotely, during non-peak hours. This not only increases ATM uptime but also eliminates the need for more costly technician visits. With managed services, financial institutions can also install and maintain an anti-virus application for PCI-DSS compliance and streamlined security management.

4. Improve ATM user experience and satisfaction.

Customers expect technology to work and are easily frustrated when it does not. Remote monitoring and troubleshooting keep ATMs up and running more often, which makes your customers and members happy. With EquipsConnect, our managed services program, you can also update the marketing screens on your ATMs without a costly technician visit, reinforcing your brand and welcoming your users.

5. Provide better support for staff and save employees time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered many workplaces, and financial institutions are no exception. Increased drive-thru traffic paired with reduced or rotating employee hours is putting a strain on both your equipment and your staff. By adding another troubleshooting resource for employees, you can free up their time to better serve your customers and members.

Interested in ATM managed services?

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