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Better Equipment Management

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Businesses that have an effective way of managing their most important equipment hold an advantage over their competitors. A well-thought-out strategy allows businesses to keep a steady flow of upkeep, save time and money, and optimize the lifecycle of their valuable equipment assets. Most importantly, it allows you to better oversee your equipment. This means keeping better track of your assets, understanding the complete history of your devices, and diagnosing chronic issues. The way most businesses manage their vendors and service providers create inefficiencies and distractions for those in charge of managing equipment.

Too often, we hear of businesses using spreadsheets to house their equipment data. This forces the facilities manager, or whoever oversees maintaining the equipment, to perform the dispatch and billing processes manually.

Depending on how up-to-date the data in the spreadsheet is, this can become very time-consuming, even if the data is current. But this is but one problem businesses have managing service vendors. In the following pages, we will discuss how Equips offers an alternative strategy—better equipment management through better vendor management.