In a past lifetime, I worked in the senior living industry for 10 years. During that time, I worked in three departments while advancing my career. I learned the processes of many different departments and how they all work together, or lack thereof. Each department had its own manual process for documenting and requesting assistance from others. It’s an inefficient system that doesn’t work together to unify the company or allow transparency. This could have been solved with an effective communication tool that allowed for all staff members between departments and communication with external healthcare professionals. Let’s see how some of your most critical departments would benefit from using Equips web app.

Effective Communication at a Senior Living Facility

It should not come as a surprise that each department in a senior living facility has its own lingo. However, that is where the problem stems from. When professionals across different lines of service have to communicate with each other, there is a language barrier. Break down that barrier and see how each department can benefit from using an effective communication tool like Equips.

Communication in Buildings & Grounds / Environmental Services / Facilities Department

As much as most people don’t see it, the Buildings & Grounds department is the glue of the company. Many residents and staff rely on this department for their help. The residents call to request a repair in their room. The staff calls because they need help moving furniture. Worst case scenario, the CEO calls because the roof is leaking in his/her office. Every call is important, and every call should be addressed. But realistically, how can one person field all those calls to quickly communicate to their internal team or find an external specialist. No matter who is calling or what the request is, the communication process between healthcare professionals and service vendors should only 15 seconds. Better yet, requests are documented and reports are produced to show the leadership team that your department could use more support and funding. Sign me up!

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Communication in Housekeeping Department

Whether your healthcare professional team needs cleaning or laundry services, the jobs are never done. And the daily to-do list has only grown since COVID-19 made its loud presence in 2020. The senior living industry has to protect its residents and healthcare staff. But with social distancing, changing processes, and overwhelming workloads, communication has struggled. Get your team of floor workers, managers, and leadership all on the same page with effective communication and transparency. Using the Equips web app, the floor staff can see real-time requests and simple ways to communicate their daily completion status. With more efficient communication, this will allow more time for your staff to take the last-minute deep clean for a new admission. Allowing your healthcare company to accept new patients immediately is ideal. Now get your housekeeping and admissions professionals on the same communication channel to streamline this process.

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Communication in Central Services / Supplies Department

Order, deliver, repeat. In three words, this would sum up the Central Service professional’s job description. But I’m sure they can tell you that it’s more complex than that. When ordering supplies, from healthcare items to office supplies, your staff is ordering from multiple vendors. Each vendor has their special bundle pricing, ways to place the order, and specific days to deliver.

Wrap up this present with a bow on top and give it to your Central Services team. Equips web app will give them the capabilities to have one process to place all orders. Christmas came early because your company’s individual supplies can be requested the same way! Throw out the email folders and spreadsheets. Use this effective way to collect the requests, approve the supplies, order the items, receive the shipments, and communicate arrivals to coordinate distribution. This can be automated for your team to streamline their efficiencies!

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Communication in IT / Technology Department

Your team of IT professionals is a rare breed, but add IT healthcare professionals and you have a small pool to select from. With the nation’s staff shortage and higher demand for technical support, your IT professionals are stretched thin. Help the tech team by unifying the rest of your company’s communication process. Instead of another request process for IT’s service, your team can communicate their equipment supply and support requests in an effective cloud-based application. The Equips web app will track the service history and allow a fast way to repeat the process. Get tech and healthcare professionals to communicate using the same language all vital equipment information that seems foreign to most people.

Equips Facilitates Effective Communication Between Healthcare Professionals

Communication is the key to success in any company. When you have a melting pot of healthcare professionals, maintenance technicians, business office support, and technology gurus, the language barrier causes communication frustration between your team. The last thing your senior living facility needs is for the teams to be more siloed than they already are. Get everyone to speak the same language and use the same tool to have effective communication that will result in success. Use the simple, efficient web app that is made to bring your senior living staff together to help the residents and each other do their best work.