Between keeping track of your inventory, putting out service requests for equipment that might be having some issues, and just paying the bills, you probably could use a helping hand to make your life easier. Asset management software can help you accomplish all of that more efficiently than you ever thought possible. We want to help you cut through the jargon and figure out what the best solution is for you and your organization. Today, we’re going to look at the eMaint CMMS platform (that stands for Computerized Maintenance Management Systems). It’s highly customizable and has a lot of interesting features. We’ll compare it to Equips’s Maintenance Management Platform so you have a better idea of what’s going to be the best fit for you.

What is eMaint CMMS?

eMaint CMMS markets their software as an “asset reliability platform,” which gives you an idea of what it’s designed to do. The focus here is on maximizing equipment uptime, making sure you have everything you need to do repairs when needed, and figuring out who’s going to do what. If you run a larger in-house team that can handle most issues internally, eMaint CMMS is great for tracking your parts inventory, assigning jobs, and even solving issues before they happen with predictive and preventive maintenance scheduling.

This tool is highly customizable, giving you a lot of power to make their platform work the way you want it to. This requires some time and energy. You might not have the bandwidth to mess with software implementation when you’re really trying to get things off your plate. Making tech upgrades to essential systems can be difficult because they’re, well, essential. When people talk about “technical debt,” this is what they’re talking about.

What is eMaint CMMS good at?

Compared to other CMMS platforms out there, eMaint CMMS is notably affordable considering its capabilities. If you’re scanning a bunch of things into inventory and then assigning tasks like repairs to people on your team based on that information, you stand to gain a lot by bringing everything into one place.

What is Equips?

The Equips Maintenance Management Platform shares a lot in common with CMMS. Like with a CMMS, you share notes, assign internal tasks, and generally get things done as a team via a cloud-based platform. Equips keeps your information secure and accessible from anywhere, any time. You can also easily schedule preventive maintenance. This tool ensures you have a service plan in place to keep all your equipment running in tip-top shape. It’ll even flag underperforming equipment with chronic issue alerts. In other words, Equips tells you if something is becoming a problem and recommends some replacements based on what your organization is already using. How cool is that?

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What is the Equips Maintenance Management Platform good at?

Equips shines when you’re working with multiple service providers outside of your organization. If you need to place a service request and dispatch someone quickly, you can easily pull up the right vendor and make the request right on the platform in as little as 15 seconds. Seriously, we timed it. We also make paying everyone easy-breezy, with bundled maintenance contracts and single-source billing so you don’t have to worry about when each vendor invoices and how they like to get paid. We can work with the folks you’re already using or can help you find someone you might like even better.

Equips lets you manage all of your equipment maintenance, performance, and even order consumables all in one place. Call us people pleasers—we just want to make your life easier. I mean, why does equipment maintenance have to be difficult anyway? 

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Which solution is best for my business?

At the end of the day, you call the shots. eMaint CMMS might be perfect for your business if you have to track a lot of inventory, fulfill a lot of internal service requests, and manage a large team that can handle most things themselves. If you’re running a small team and relying on vendors to handle most of your service requests, however, we think we just might be a perfect fit.

Before you jump in, why not dip your toe in the water? Schedule a demo and find out what we’re all about. Our Solutions Team is friendly and full of helpful advice to help you manage your equipment more effectively.

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