We’ve all been there. You’re knee-deep in an asset management spreadsheet trying to figure out how many times an ATM has gotten service and whether or not it’s been replaced. It takes forever to load and even longer to find the information you’re looking for. There’s got to be a better way. The good news is that there are plenty of new cloud-based solutions to simplify the process of keeping everything running smoothly in your business. The only challenge is figuring out which makes the most sense for you and what you do. Enterprise asset management software is great for integrating your business’s financial planning and maintenance sides. But how do you know if that’s right for you or if you should go with a different solution?

What Is Enterprise Asset Management Software?

When you’re looking for software to help you plan out how you’re going to keep track of the maintenance of your equipment, your two major options are enterprise asset management (EAM) software and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). These both track similar things but each has a different emphasis

CMMS is, generally, focused on the operations side of things: who does what and when? Depending on the platform, you can keep track of maintenance costs, schedule preventive repairs to save money down the road, and figure out when it might be time to replace troublesome hardware.

EAM software, however, is more about contextualizing maintenance in terms of the financial big picture of your business. You should consider an EAM if you’re not just organizing maintenance within your department or location, but also factoring things like the business value of each piece of equipment’s uptime, or how to plan for various assets’ lifecycle across multiple locations. It can handle all of the work orders and maintenance planning of a CMMS platform, with the extra ability to look at value and costs from a business analysis perspective.

What Are the Drawbacks of Enterprise Asset Management Software?

EAM platforms are powerful and robust tools, but all of this functionality comes at a cost—literally. These tools are generally more expensive than a CMMS, and if you’re not going to use all of those capabilities it probably isn’t worth the investment. It’s like getting a top-of-the-line snowblower when all you need to do is shovel your front steps.

While it’s incredibly useful to be able to look at the costs of equipment maintenance and uptime from a business perspective, you probably won’t be getting enough value from enterprise management software unless you’re a large organization operating at a scale where this kind of optimization can make a big difference. Luckily, there are other, more affordable options to combine the task management of CMMS software with an eye toward the financial impact of your equipment on your business.

What Is Equips?

The Equips Maintenance Management Software offers a middle ground between CMMS and EAM software that is perfect for small teams that need to wear many hats. If you work with multiple outside vendors in order to keep key pieces of equipment up and running, Equips is perfect for streamlining that process. You can place a work order in seconds flat, schedule preventive maintenance, and even get hooked up with live support when you need help fast. 

Similar to a CMMS or EAM platform, you can track internal work and each asset’s maintenance history on the cloud, allowing anyone on your team to get on the same page quickly.

We can also help you streamline your business operations over and above an EAM with single-source billing. Instead of having to wade through a swamp of invoices and payment methods, you just pay the one bill and we take care of the rest. We’ll work with the vendors you already like or recommend someone even better. Whatever floats your boat. A customizable dashboard gives you access to any metrics you need to keep track of, with smart tools to identify potential headaches before they become business liabilities.

Asset Management Software Without Compromises

You don’t need to make tradeoffs if you want to take control of your asset management operations while getting a handle on how it affects the bottom line. Get in touch and schedule a demo today to find out how Equips can work for you.