Isn’t it just a joy when your equipment doesn’t work? The other day, I was doing the dishes when I noticed the water wasn’t draining. Naturally, I thought to myself, It must be clogged. I can take care of this. I turned on the garbage disposal, which sucked up all the water… and shot it out the other side of the sink like a lawn sprinkler. Unwilling to be bested by my own plumbing, I drove to my nearby supermarket and bought some drain cleaner, which did nothing aside from filling my kitchen with the delightful aroma of Drano. I wasn’t ready to wave the white flag yet—this time, I ran to Home Depot and bought the heavy-duty drain cleaner and some snakes. No luck. I was defeated and it was time to call the plumber. I realize now that I could have saved me lots of time and trips to retailers if I had a tool that could diagnose the issue and dispatch my service provider. Fortunately for you, that tool exists, and you can begin using it as part of your equipment maintenance regimen today.

Common Maintenance Problems

The process of maintaining and managing equipment is one that very few people enjoy. In fact, we are in business to help you spend as little time as possible focusing on equipment maintenance. There are three common maintenance problems that nearly every industry shares. In fact, these problems are completely avoidable if you implement the right strategies and have the correct tools.

Lack of Equipment Visibility

There are few things more exhausting than having to repeat yourself or answer the same questions repeatedly. If you oversee managing equipment with many stakeholders, heaven forbid that equipment goes down. You will hear a lot of the same questions—Has the technician been dispatched? What time is the technician getting here? When will the device be up and running? The problem here is there isn’t one centralized location where every stakeholder can view this information and be updated on the status of the repair. Keeping everyone on the same page allows you to find ways to work around the problem until your equipment can be serviced. Now that is what I can an effective equipment maintenance strategy.

Insecure Methods of Storing Equipment Data

Asset management Excel sheet templates seem to be the most common way of storing equipment and service provider information. Though popular, this is not secure or efficient. Here is the problem with these spreadsheets. For starters, your spreadsheet cannot dispatch a technician should you need to have your equipment serviced. It also requires manual updates if you need to replace certain pieces of equipment. It is always wise to keep a record of maintenance history on each piece of equipment so that you can quickly and easily identify chronic issues. But recording this data in a spreadsheet is a formatting nightmare. There really is not a neat and organized way to do it. Lastly, a spreadsheet simply is not a secure way of storing this important information. Should the spreadsheet fall into the wrong hands, your business might become subject to malicious attacks as they will know exactly what equipment you have and where it is located.

Too Many Equipment Maintenance Agreements

Managing multiple service contracts can be quite a drag. We often find that businesses are paying for equipment that is no longer in use, or worse, duplicate coverage on their equipment. This is especially common in the financial industry. But this isn’t the only problem with having too many equipment maintenance agreements. should there be a fault in one of your pieces of equipment, you will have to take the time to find that service agreement and make the call yourself. This might not sound like a huge problem, but between all the different service contracts comes different billing methods, making both requesting maintenance and paying for it a burden. Wouldn’t it make sense to just house all your service contracts under one roof and have somebody else handle the billing? Better yet, wouldn’t it be great to have just one equipment maintenance agreement for all your equipment? You’re in luck!

One Solution for Your Equipment Maintenance Needs

When in doubt, Equips it! While this might just be a fun little motto that gets passed around our office, I feel it is the greatest proverb any facilities or equipment manager could ever follow. Here is what we mean by Equips it! Begin by housing all your equipment data and service provider information in our cloud-based inventory database. This will keep all this information in one secure and easily-accessible location, unlike your spreadsheet.

Next, use Equips to dispatch your preferred service providers when your equipment needs maintenance. Our dispatch tool allows you to identify the equipment that needs service as well as the exact issue that it is having. The best part is that the entire process of placing a service request takes as little as 15 seconds. Once you’re done, Equips will keep you posted on the status of your technician’s arrival, repair status, and everything in between. Every stakeholder in your business can access this information via their own user profiles so everyone can stay updated. Equips will also keep a log of all service requests and help you identify chronic issues.

Lastly, we will manage the dispatch and billing processes so you can get back to running your business. To make matters even easier, we can even consolidate all of your equipment maintenance agreements into one contract using our enormous network of service providers. That way, you don’t have to worry about duplicate coverage, coverage on decommissioned equipment, multiple billing methods—none of that! With all of your equipment data, service provider information, and maintenance contracts in one place, equipment maintenance just got simpler.

Making the Switch to Equips

You rely on your equipment assets for your business to operate productively. Therefore, it is time to take your approach for asset management out of the Stone Age and into the present. Here is how you can do so:

  1. Step One: Download our Asset Management Excel Sheet Template and populate it with your asset data before uploading, or simply upload your current spreadsheet.
  2. Step Two: We will create a new Equips profile for you and input your asset data into the application so you don’t have to!
  3. Step Three: Try Equips FREE for 90 days. If you don’t agree that our application is better than your boring old spreadsheet, you can cancel at no cost. You have nothing to lose!

If you have further questions about Equips and how it can improve the way you manage equipment assets, give us a ring at 866-324-4508 or send us a message. We are always here to help!