Equipment Protection

Get the coverage you need on all of your most valuable equipment and stop managing multiple contracts. Equips designs custom maintenance contracts to fit the needs of your exact business.

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What is Equipment Protection?

Many companies like to use a warranty or a maintenance contract with their service providers to protect exposure to major equipment issues. Unfortunately what is covered, and what isn’t can be difficult to understand, which leads to underutilization. At Equips, we consolidate maintenance contracts to create an agreement that is tailored to you and your unique needs. Then, everything is documented in our app so any employee can find what they need, when they need it.

Bundled Maintenance Contracts

Stop managing multiple contracts, renewal dates and billing methods. We partner with vendors and service providers across the nation to provide you with great service and rates. Then, we combine all of those contracts into one, short-term agreement that allows for flexibility.

Need to find a new service provider? Leverage our industry expertise and experience to make informed vendor decisions. Get objective support for vendor quotes and due diligence.

Single-Source Billing

With all of your equipment covered under one maintenance agreement, you no longer need to worry about multiple billing methods and deadlines. Simply check the app to see what is due, and what has been paid.

Avoid billing errors and overcharges. Upload service provider invoices to our app so you can match charges to service requests.

Service-Provider Marketplace

Find a qualified service provider for equipment without a warranty or maintenance contract. Get in touch with a technician dedicated to helping you do your best work.

Vendor Flexibility

Work with your current service providers or any in our network of 500+ vendors nationwide. Don’t have a trusted vendor, or looking to work with somebody new? No problem. We can provide an unbiased recommendation using our database of issue and provider data.

Equipment Performance Reviews

Our team of experts provides obsolete equipment assessments and annual performance recommendations. We are committed to helping you improve performance across all equipment.

Our 95% retention rate says it all

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“Staff time on equipment service events has dropped from an average of 24.7 hours per month, to only 5.1 hours.”

Davy Villanueva

“Equips has made my life so much easier. Everyone is open, listens to our needs and takes care of them. Your staff is all very supportive and easy to talk to also.”

Pam Martin

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