My wife and I adopted Joey from the Milwaukee Humane Society almost two years ago exactly. The volunteer opened the door of his display room and he trotted right out without hesitation and began rubbing up against our ankles. His little kitten eyes said, you are my new parents, I love you, now please get me out of here. And that we did.

Weeks later, we took Joey to the vet. He weighed in at a healthy 8.4 pounds, which was good for a 6-month-old male cat. To maintain his healthy weight and provide him adequate nutrition, the vet recommended that we feed him Hill’s Science Diet. Now that was a BIG mistake.

We started feeding him Science Diet, and, to our surprise, Joey’s eating habits changed. He seemed to really enjoy his new food and he was growing. He is now two and a half years old and somehow still growing… wider. At his second appointment, the vet was rather surprised, saying, oh dear! I was not expecting that large of a cat to come out of that small of a carrier. He more than doubled in weight.

We decided to try something different—rather than buying the standard Science Diet, we decided to go with Science Diet Light. We figured he could benefit from a little less science and a little more diet. No luck. He seems to like this food even more, which I didn’t think was possible.

Joey will be beginning his weight loss journey, and he needs all the support he can get. We will be changing his food to something that he doesn’t enjoy quite as much. He will also begin doing daily cardio exercises of chasing laser pointers and shoestrings. His progress will be documented in our next issue.

I am also looking for recommendations. Know any good workouts for fat and lazy cats? Do you have any recommendations for cat food that is both healthy and not too tasty? Please, send them our way as well as some pictures of your furry friends. We might just feature them in our next issue!


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