Disaster Preparedness.

The term conjures different images in everyone’s mind from disastrous tornadoes, debilitating flooding or even devastating earthquakes. The fact of the matter is that regardless of the disaster, having a plan is a crucial step in recovering.

Today we find ourselves in a unique situation that affects the entire country simultaneously in a way many of us have not considered during our disaster preparedness contingency plans. Safety is at the forefront of our minds, just like it is for you. But how can you protect your most valuable asset – your people – while also serving the most important part of your business – the community?

Effective immediately, Invo Solutions is stepping up and offering a small token of support by providing our video banking service to your organization free of charge until an environment of normalcy returns to our country. The first in-branch video banking solution in the United States, and now the most innovative web-based and mobile platform, allows your organization to protect your employees while also continuing to serve your community in a safe, efficient and secure manner.

  1. Free.
  2. No strings attached.
  3. Because it’s the right thing to do.

Invo Banking is available for your institution today – for your employees to access in-branch, or securely from their home, to serve your community from wherever they may be. Contact us if you would like to watch a webinar of the program or learn about the free 90-day trial! Limited time offer.

About Equips

Equips is revolutionizing how Banks and Credit Unions manage, maintain, and protect critical branch equipment. Leveraging a network of 500+ vendors, experts at Equips help Financial Institutions respond to equipment problems quickly in one place: Equips. Active management allows Financial Institutions of all sizes to improve operational efficiency, cut costs, and streamline equipment inventory and vendor management. Our groundbreaking solution provides clients across 45 states with better insight and transparency into their critical equipment and enables employees to do their best work. To learn more visit equips.com.

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