Equips has specialized in providing a technology solution to keep your equipment problems off your to-do list.


Equips stands for a simple idea: doing great work enhances your whole life. Achieving great work doesn’t just happen. It takes dedication, focus, and operating in your strength-zone.


Freedom for Great Work

We hire around Core Values and Competence, set clear expectations, and give people the freedom to do their best work.

We apply this ideal to our team, our banking and healthcare clients, and our partner service companies.



Distractions are a Problem

The enemies of great work are distraction, busy-work, and disorganization. That’s why we take equipment management seriously. When your primary equipment fails, it doesn’t have to derail your work. We want you back in your zone. That’s why we put everything you need for effective equipment management in one place. Through, you will work with great service companies, access our deep knowledge on equipment performance, and reduce your costs by 12 – 20%.




When we started Equips, we began a tradition of building our services around the needs of our clients and the ideas of our team, which helped us to realize that great work is its own reward. Our clients stay with us year after year, with an average retention of over 95%.



We’re able to provide the highest quality services because we truly love our work. We align our team members around their strengths, so everyone is doing their best work. That makes for an incredible team and solid results for our clients.






Technology has always been a critical part of our success, from the development of for managing all aspects of equipment to remote-presence robots in our office to facilitate remote hires. We believe that technology should be used to elevate human work.




Culture is incredibly important at Equips. We hire, manage, and promote around our Core Values and Competency. Our Core Values are: Do the Right Thing, Drive to Excellence, Impact Player, Positive Beat. These values drive everything we do, and our customers always know what to expect from us. We are proud to be the premier destination for equipment management and intend to lead the industry for years to come.


We are proud to be the premier destination for equipment management and intend to lead the industry for years to come.