Jenel Davis, Director of Accounts

The Equips tagline, “Problem Solved” is reflective of the relationship we have with our clients and is one of the aspects of her role that Jenel Davis, Director of Accounts, enjoys most.

“The biggest compliment a customer can give is when they tell me they trust me to ‘handle it,’ regardless of what the issue might be,” said Jenel.

That level of trust comes from a dedicated effort at building relationships with clients and is one of the reasons Jenel was initially drawn to Equips. She joined the team in 2013 as a Senior Account Manager after working in account management for a continuing education firm. In her previous role, the focus shifted from working with customers to managing internal teams. Equips offered Jenel the opportunity to work directly with clients again – learning their challenges, responding to issues and establishing trusted relationships.

Jenel has been with Equips for more than five years and has taken on increasing levels of responsibilities. Most recently, she has been involved in an initiative to reinvigorate Equips’ focus on their Core Values. Equips’ unique company culture is an aspect of the job that Jenel really values, so for her it was a natural fit to help with this effort.

“Our culture is unlike any I’ve experienced before. It’s a very supportive environment, where we really pull together as a team and where everyone is genuinely excited to come into work.”

As part of this initiative, Jenel is part of a team that focuses on developing activities centered around one core value per quarter. Activities tied to the core value “Positive Beat,” included sponsoring (and visiting with) a litter of rescue puppies, donating to food drives and themed, office food days. The committee has helped Equips foster a better company culture and keeps the company’s core values front and center in their daily work.

Outside of office hours, Jenel spends time with her three kids and can often be found cheering them on at sports tournaments. She hits the ground running every day…literally. You’ll find Jenel working out every morning at Burn Boot Camp, which she says is her personal time to focus on her own wellbeing and start the day off in a positive way. Jenel’s busy schedule doesn’t leave much time for reading, but she does enjoy participating in Equips’ Book Club.

“I’ve found the books we’ve read to be really helpful in both my personal and professional life and I like how the book club gives me a chance to interact with co-workers from all departments,” said Jenel.

Solving problems for clients and fostering a strong company atmosphere are just a couple of reasons why Jenel is a key part of the Equips team. Learn more about Equips and how we build trusted partnerships with our clients at