Most Financial Institutions we work with already know us for our groundbreaking managed maintenance program, and for the peace of mind that comes with knowing all of their equipment maintenance needs are being met. However, many of our clients don’t realize how many additional benefits our program can deliver.

Benefits of Managed Maintenance Program

Did you know… under the Equips program, you can:

  • Centralize ALL equipment management with one simple process, even if it’s not under Equips coverage
  • Utilize our powerful online platform to enhance internal help-desk/ticketing systems
  • Gain objective support for RFP and quote requests, including connections to best in class vendors
  • Take advantage of consultative services with industry experts, saving time and money when making decisions relating to equipment
  • Obtain information on total cost of ownership and real client experience based on thousands of data points
  • Access resources to help during times of transition–including due diligence tasks related to mergers and acquisitions such as vendor and contract review
  • Manage internal facilities and property management service requests on a single platform

Equips can help assist you “Do Your Best Work” with one simple process

Whether you have been partnering with us for more than a decade, or are just starting to explore all the benefits of Equips’ Active Management services, let’s talk about how we can expand the value for you and your team.

The Equips model is different. We consolidate your vendor contracts and centralize equipment inventory and management in one place. We believe in helping you do your best work, on your terms. Watch this 4-minute video that can explain how Equips can help your FI. Reach out to us to learn more!

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