Nothing is more frustrating for a construction company than jobs going over budget and schedule due to key machinery failure. You and your crew rely on heavy equipment to get the job done, which is why you need a team of either internal or external technicians to fulfill your heavy equipment repair needs. However, traditional methods of managing equipment and technicians, such as spreadsheets, are terribly inefficient. What construction companies need is a technology solution that can simplify tedious and time-consuming maintenance tasks that prevent you from getting your equipment running faster. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss how construction companies can use key features within the Equips web application to better manage their heavy equipment.

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3 Technology Features for Heavy Equipment Repair

The Equips web application is a tool that businesses use to manage and maintain their important equipment. Traditional methods of tracking equipment maintenance usually involve inputting data manually, which is a huge pain the rear end and takes up too much time. Instead, businesses turn to technology to automate and simplify these processes. CMMS software applications do this fairly well. However, CMMS software applications do not allow you to manage or dispatch external service vendors and can only manage internal teams. Equips is the superior tool as it can do both (not to brag or anything). Here are some additional key features of Equips that help you more easily manage your heavy equipment.

Smart Dispatch

Equips puts you fully in charge of your heavy equipment repair process by giving you the tools to request service in a matter of seconds. Equips also allows you to choose where service requests for different pieces of heavy equipment are routed. You may have some equipment that can be best serviced internally. In this case, you can route the request to the internal party responsible for performing the maintenance.

But what if there is nobody qualified on your team to perform repairs on a piece of equipment? No biggie—simply assign your preferred external service provider to the equipment. When you place a service request, we will not only dispatch the technician, but also take care of the billing for you. In fact, the entire process for requesting service takes only 15 seconds. No joke!

Automated Maintenance History and Chronic Issue Alerts

Unsurprisingly, previous maintenance history can be found useful. Equips automatically records the maintenance after each service request placed. In fact, you can create different saved database views giving you a clear picture on the status of your equipment. This includes equipment repairs, your downed equipment, and the cost of your heavy equipment repairs over different time periods.

Equips is also able to diagnose chronic equipment issues. Using smart technology, Equips analyzes your maintenance history to uncover patterns in your service requests. When Equips discovers a new chronic issue, you will receive an alert as well as replacement and repair options for your machine. Easy as cake!

Preventive Maintenance Scheduler

Do you know what’s better than a service request that takes only 15 seconds? Not having to place one at all. When you use the Preventive Maintenance Scheduling tool in the Equips web application, you can schedule out preventive maintenance ahead of time so you never forget. The more diligent your construction company is about preventive maintenance, the less time and resources you must invest in into heavy equipment repair. To recap, being proactive about your preventive maintenance can help you significantly decrease downtime and save money on costly repairs.

Heavy Equipment Repair with Equips

Technology is meant to make your life easier by simplifying processes that would otherwise require much human effort. Construction requires your effort, not tedious processes associated with heavy equipment repair. That is why we created Equips with the construction worker in mind, to allow you to focus on more important things. To learn more about how Equips can help you simplify heavy equipment maintenance, be sure to schedule a free demo with a member of our solutions team below. We look forward to meeting you!

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