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All-In-One Management Software for Homeowners Associations

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) have many obligations to homeowners in their communities: investigating complaints, mediation, and managing finances. Perhaps the most important is to maintain common areas throughout the community. These include pools, parks, walking paths, pavilions, athletic courts and fields, and more.

When these areas are properly maintained, residents are happier, which is the ultimate goal.

Many HOAs share a common challenge when it comes to maintaining common areas: communication. There isn’t an efficient way for residents to report maintenance issues or stay up to date with service progress on when their favorite commons will be available for enjoyment.

In other words, a gateway of communication is needed between the HOA, residents, and maintenance providers.

Equips is here to help. How?

Tools for Homeowners Associations

By giving residents the tools to handle maintenance problems, HOAs can spend less time responding to resident complaints and invest more time into creating a happy, safe community.

With Equips, HOAs also have an easier time understanding the status of their repairs, billing, and maintenance costs.

Empower Residents

HOAs can simplify time-consuming processes associated with maintenance utilizing Equips Software.

With our web app, residents can report maintenance problems and request service from both internal and external maintenance teams, without having to pick up the phone. Allowing them to see the status of the repairs in real-time.

Data for Service Providers

Equips is unique in the sense that it can dispatch both internal and external maintenance providers, and helps them perform maintenance much faster and more efficiently.

When a maintenance request is placed, maintenance providers also receive the full maintenance history of the asset they are working on, including notes from previous service events. This extra data allows them to complete maintenance faster.

When things break, get them fixed faster.

Equips has Features to help HOAs do their best work.

Property Management

Property Management

Manage all the common areas within your community from one place. Equips give HOAs the ability to customize workflows that route maintenance requests to specific stakeholders and teams. Equips also allows you to track the progress of the maintenance being performed and receive live updates from maintenance providers.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Users

Equips enables every resident and stakeholder the tools to tackle the maintenance in their community. Our tool makes it incredibly simple to get support when it is needed most. Your residents can place a maintenance request in as little as 15 seconds.  Simply select the asset that needs service, select the issue it is having, include any relevant notes, and submit. It’s that easy.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduler

Preventative Maintenance Scheduler

Sticking to a maintenance schedule has never been easier. Being proactive about keeping your assets and facilities in great condition with the Preventative Maintenance Scheduler is effortless – set it and forget it. When preventative becomes due, Equips will automatically schedule service appointments and dispatch your preferred maintenance providers to tune up your community.

Automated Maintenance History

Automated Maintenance History

Equips automatically records every maintenance event and stores that data in the web application. This makes it easy to see previous faults, when they occurred, what maintenance was performed, and any additional notes from your maintenance provider. Equips also automatically detects chronic issues and alerts you before they become serious.

How it Works:

Using Smart Technology

Manage all of your equipment, across all locations, from anywhere using one platform. Connect the right people with high visibility, automatic dispatching, and internal management.

Vendor Communication

From confusion to clarity – Say goodbye to multiple communication and billing methods and say hello to simplification. Our web app automatically records issues, service logs, and notes for future reference which are a great tool for both new and returning service providers.

Total Management Software

Equips aims to consolidate issues by implementing solutions that are seamless, hassle-free, and easy to track. From equipment maintenance, building issues, service requests, or reaching the next benchmark in your industry – we are your objective partner.

Does your HOA want to cut down on time-consuming and tedious maintenance processes?

Equips Maintenance Management is the Right Solution for many communities.

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